Always remember you do not need to be overcome by hatred because the love in your heart is greater than all the hatred you read and hear both subtle and obvious. (1 John 4:4)
To have an opposing view is the gateway to (the beginning of) separation and the more passionate the two opposing views the easier it is for that separation to turn to hatred and that hatred lead to war.
Remember - you can win an argument and lose a friend.
Always seek for truth and not that which supports your view. Love delights in truth not in being right. Seek truth for its own sake not to reinforce your ego. Be willing to back down and acknowledge you got it wrong because "being wrong" no longer matters any more than "being right". All that matters is love. If my being wrong is consistent with truth and draws me closer to the possibility of relationship then so be it. If being right accomplishes the same - so be it.
Beware of projecting your own darkness on some-"one" some figure that is the latest collective scapegoat. Know the darkness in your own heart before suspecting it in (and projecting it on) others.
Remember none of us can be truly defined by categories such as right or wrong. These are isolated stances and have little to do with relationship - unless, of course, we have a collective rightness which is even more dangerous. Such collective-isms thrive on rage and their only sense of being is founded on enmity.