Love is the only foundation as there can only be one foundation. There cannot be two foundations for one must then be the foundation of the other. Being One, love can have no opposites otherwise the opposite would make two and there can be only one foundation. God is One - God is love. One could start with God or one could start with love - it makes no difference. God is love - love is God.
Since the mind is the place of the dual - where binary operation perpetuates and there are two - love must be found elsewhere. Love is found in the heart. The heart is the place of Unity and must come before the mind which is where One becomes manifest in difference. As the Son comes from the Father - so the created comes from the uncreated - this is not to say that the Son was created by the Father but the procession of duality from unity takes its pattern from the procession of the Son from the Father - that which is manifest from the un-manifest. "He that has seen me has seen the Father". That said, the Son is no mere inferior Binary but carries within himself the Unity into the complexity which has its being in the Incarnate One for the very purpose of manifesting the divine.
So the heart is where "eternity dwells" - it is where "Christ dwells through faith" (Eph 2) - It is where "love is poured out by the holy Spirit" (Ro 5). As Christ proceeds from the Father so all that is "good true and beautiful" in thought, word and action flows form the heart.