A sense of clear demarcation of my physical being as an entity of itself (equivalent to a reduction of the feather effect or glow effect on a shape when doing graphic design) -a reduction to still-ness - a place of minimal change reduced to this singleness of place and being ... All busyness to a minimum. This busyness is the striving for right feeling or right thought or the seeking for that which already is. When this busyness ceases there is the likeness of a still lake unruffled reflecting 'what is' very clearly.
When Jesus was "pressed by the crowds" he "felt power go from him". When all outside was pressing in on him for attention Jesus was fully present to all around him but in such a way that his sense of present-ness was not lost because he was still sensitive to the inner movement of power from within. With Jesus throughout the turmoil of life and its pressing needs with its frenetic activity he was unruffled - the lake remained calm.
This is not something which we must attain to for in seeking to attain it the ruffling begins! We are already that. Unruffled-ness is already within the space in which we find ourselves. Outward pressing activity triggers / provokes that activity which is intrinsic to itself - a seeking and moving away from the centre - an "I must find that place of poise" which is already present to us. The lake remains unruffled in the place of turmoil and responds rather than reacts.