Objectification - looking at myself from the outside, has real value in that the point of view has the quality of non-attachment and one becomes the observer of one's self. At this point paradoxically another mode of being takes place - the Objectifier becomes the Identifier with all that is - the I am which fills creation.
This when used in reference to God is called panentheism - the outside observer yet at the same time the inner dynamism of all things* -the Objectifier and the Identifier. For us it could be called pan-en-ontology. This would be our reflected image of God-a stance of non attached identification (perhaps this would be the same as empathy whereas sympathy would be attached identification).
The moment we dis-identify with the self we connect with all that is and we reflect God. The Cross is the crisis and kenosis is the perpetuation of this continual movement away from self and into the world. The resurrection is the power of love to identify.

*admittedly God is not just an observer and neither are we but the word observer is used to emphasise a viewing point.