En-godded en-theos en-thusiasm ... There is nothing that Jesus was in the world that we are not also. "As I am in the the world so also are you" - the space in which we find ourselves when there is no movement, no ruffling of the waters through frenetic activity, no postponing of the possibility of the impossible is no less and impossibly no more than God as God is in God's self. We short circuit this theologically by making demarcations such as "yes we are filled with God but are not God" etc. But in so doing we enter once again into the limits of conceptualisation and thus lose the moment to something less than we are. Let God be who God is and enjoy (in a Whiteheadian way) all the possibilities. In the heart there is the potentiality to realise what it actually means to be en-godded - entheos. Not the head. No doubt the guardians of theological correctness would have something to say about this - they certainly did in Jesus time but I would say 'better to live in what you know than curtail it through fear of those who curtail the same in themselves'.