Each event is a drop of divine love into time splashing out behind into the past and before into the future. This love does two things in each direction. One has to do with relationship the other with action.
Firstly In the past we are corrected as to how to relate with our past. We cease to identify with our successes or failures but simply with the truth that the immediacy of grace brings to us which is and was "you are/were already that before you even begin/began" - a reinterpretation of the past in consistency with what is true now. Secondly the appropriate action is radical acceptance of what is to be prehended from the past.
Looking to the future firstly we relate to the open possibility of the impossible with hope. Secondly the action is the complement of radical acceptance of the past: radical giving into the future.
This drop of love is filled with the spirit of the Cross in that it conveys the same spirit of the crucified Jesus in His radical acceptance and giving. It is a love which annuls our tendency to seek approval or our attempt to compensate for perceived dis-approval - which loves us as we are for no other reason than that we should receive that love and live out it's consequences.